Just spent the weekend watching my ex’s dog while she was up north with her mom. The the dog watching thing was pre-breakup planned and went pretty smoothly as it has the 20’s of times I’ve done it while she’s been away.

She came back last night, worked a night shift right after getting off the airplane, and made a plan to pick up more of her stuff/the dog this morning after her shift.

She just left and I feel somber about it. Like I’m on the border of upset or sad but not fully there yet. I asked her if I could help her pack up and she told me “it wasn’t my responsibility anymore”.

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I was lent (and then gifted) Foreigner’s Foreigner, Double Vision, and 4 albums on vinyl and spent the better parts of the past week listening to them.

My mom got me into classic rock starting when I was about 7, and they’ve been, by far, my favourite music group. In all those years, I never actually listened to the vocals. This is somewhat true for most music I enjoy, the melody and beat are generally what drive my interest.

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Questioning Emotional Reactions

I was encouraged to start writing about my emotions as a means to facilitate my emotional expression regarding loss and grief. I’ve never kept a journal nor really taken the time to really think about how I feel about certain things, and I think this is going to be beneficial exercise.

Starting to do the above was actually the motivator to moving my site to a new host, which was quite a bit of fun and will save me about 120 a year on hosting fees, so a plus on multiple levels.

I’m going to tag posts related to this subject with ‘therapy’ so they’re easily searchable (or avoidable).