Garden Progress

The garden I started is progressing nicely. Planted lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, and spinach about five weeks ago.

1×1′ grid
31 October

Sadly, the spinach (far left) seeds appear to be bunk as none of them survived beyond the little seedling sprout phase.

4 November, arugula sprouting


26 November

Quite a few of the swiss chard and arugula have really long and unsupported stems. Not sure really why that is because they’re outside and exposed to some wind.

13 December

I added a different type of spinach to the left most area, and that “L” shaped area is now future home to Russian Red Kale. Hopefully these seeds turn out better.

This has been a really relaxing and rewarding hobby. Glad my landlord gave me the permission. Haven’t eaten any of it yet, probably will this weekend.




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