Life Progress

Been meaning to write and kept putting it off and/or forgetting to due to life. Had a much-needed talk with the ex, earned a promotion at work, maintained a consistent workout pattern, started a garden, and said no to numerous pizza temptations.

Many questions regarding the end of the previous relationship kept doing somersaults in my head. I decided to speak with the ex when I realized I was once again repeating a learned habit. The resulting conversation put my mind at ease almost instantly and I think we are on our way to repairing whatever is left of our friendship. I can feel the echos of it will never be the same every time I interact with her, but I’m not going to give it too much thought, I’m just relieved to stop the circular thought process I let bog me down.

On a different light, I interviewed for and earned a new position at work with a department along the lines of what I really want to do! I’m both excited and scared about this, and slightly confused about whether those are totally normal emotions to feel with such a huge change. The level of responsibility and the number of people affected by my actions has increased considerably.

I’m excited because the technical challenge I will face is along the lines of what I really want to do – learn more about Linux and complex system troubleshooting/optimizing. I’m scared because everyone in the department is both older and much more experienced than I am. Currently taking comfort in the fact that the new team must have seen something in me and my previous position had members that were initially much more experienced as well.

As far as workouts go, I’ve consistently run every M/W/F for at least 2.5 weeks. Still working on getting other muscle groups into the workout. Only downsides – job change mentioned above has me working later and DST change means I get home when it’s dark .. not a huge fan of running in the dark. Ultimately, I am really excited about the pattern I’ve gotten into and proud of my accomplishments.

I recently finished an organic farming course at a local college (yes, I know, fancy) and received permission from the new landlord to start my own garden. I planted arugula/spinach/swiss chard/lettuce. The arugula seeds just hatched (which is a really fucking awesome feeling, btw), and I’m waiting for the other plants to break the soil.

Cleaned and organized the area, 2x citrus plants, eggplant, sweet potato, 4x dragonfruit, and a Sergey-made organic garden in the center.

First of all, curse you social media ads. 3 times this week I’ve been tempted by pizza ads. They’re about 40% convincing, but I managed to say no every time. Pretty proud of that, especially considering the pizza joint is a 2 minute walk.

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