Getting Healthy

I’ve been regularly eating healthy since march and exercising the past 1.5 months, almost always in the form of running.

My breakfast is generally 215-300 calories:

My lunch is currently unknown; I pack a large bowl mostly with salad and put an entrée on top. It’s a bit difficult to count calories with that setup, but it seems to be working.

I usually make tea for dinner, and sometimes snack on kimchi if I am feeling a little peckish.

I’ve worked up to running 10km every other day, and  running Monday/Wednesday/Friday seems to work pretty well. I typically burn about 850-950 calories according to my health tracker, and it feels really good seeing data like this about my efforts:

I spoke with my mom yesterday via hangouts, and one of the first things she pointed out was my weight loss (I started at ~204 and now I’m down to ~184). Of course, she was motherly concerned, but I assured he this was completely intentional and I had a goal in mind.

Felt pretty nice for another human to acknowledge my accomplishments, since I don’t really notice any of these things besides looking at the data.

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