Fall 2012 semester just began at Santa Monica College. I’m really excited about my classes and what I will learn from/via them.

Taking four classes; early world history, philosophy (early philosophers), pre-calculus, and C programming.

The professor that taught my last math class (Geometry) inspired me to work hard. In doing so, he enabled me to really enjoy math. I’ve always enjoyed math in a greater sense; I like the logic behind it all .. but now I just see it as fun .. I want to do more of it.

The Philosophy class is really exciting because it’s opening up different ways of understanding my reality than what I have been used to. The professor polled the class, asking how many students believed their soul would live on after they die .. this is going to be an interesting semester =D

C Programming is the second class I am taking towards my major. I’ve done a bit of C in the past, but never really got into it enough to amount to much. I hope to change that now, as Android is awesome.


Thanks for reading!

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