How to multiply digits 6-9 using only your hands

So I learned this cool counting trick from my math professor the other day. It’s a method of multiplying I didn’t know existed. If you’re using the internet, you probably don’t need to use this.

Lets say you want to compute 7 by 8.


On one hand, hold up the number of fingers that would, added to five, equal the first number.


5 + 2(counted from the raised fingers on one hand) = 7
2) On the second hand, do the same process for the other number.
8 = 3(fingers held up on the other hand) + 5


3) Now add the fingers standing: 2 + 3 = 5
This wll be the answer’s first digit.
4) Take the product of the hidden fingers from both hands: 3 x 2 = 6
5) Your answer is 56 = 8 x 7
6) Cool, huh?


* Forgot to mention .. I am not an artist.

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