Creating/Installing Custom Tweeter Pods

Just finished up upgrading my car’s audio equipment and environment. This post is about installation of custom-built tweeter pods. I drive a 2006 Ford Focus ZX4, which sadly did not come equipped with tweeter pods.

Got the idea off this DIYMA thread, the finished product surprised me in terms of simplicity and professional appearance.

Items you need:

Snaimpally, author of the DIYMA thread had a list of items needed, follow the aforementioned link for more information. Also, I highly recommend a Dremel.

To remove the A-Pillars, first remove that housing that covers the seat belts. If you don’t have the trim removal tool, I found it pretty safe to use a standard screwdriver with plastic or cloth over the head. Second, gently pull the A-Pillar trim, starting from away from the engine. Don’t just pill from the edge, try to wedge your fingers as close to the mounting port as you can so not to stress the plastic.

Before you drill anything, measure twice, cut once. I can not state that enough. Ensure you know exactly where to put the holes , unless you want an excuse to raid your local junk yard for A-pillars.

These steel nipples should be available at a home depot. Found them in the light fixtures section.

Really important to secure the objects you are going to drill into, especially if doing so at odd angles.

This is a before shot of the mounted PVC cap; I adjusted the drill hole because the angle was too extreme.

Testing to see if the tweeter casing would mount inside the PVC cap. I recommend using something like a Dremel to roughen the inner edge of the PVC cap. Adding grooves would help ‘lock’ the tweeter in place. The tweeter kept slowly sliding out of the cap until I did this.

The recommendation to use bed-liner spray paint worked out really well. The texture created matches my trim.

Some common-sense applied (the knot).

Not too sure of how effective adding foam is to these parts, but I have plenty left from a different car audio project. Certainly couldn’t hurt.

Again, I the professional appearance and easy install came as a surprise. If your vehicle doesn’t come with tweeter mounts, this is a cheap alternative.

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