Slope-Intercept Form Vs. Point-Slope Form

The definition of Point-Slope Form is any equation of the form:

y-y¹ = m(x-x¹)

Note: There is no graphing. We seek the equation of the line.

ex) Find the equation through (3,-4) with slope m=1/2.

1) We “plug in” the numbers into our equation:

y – y¹ = m(x-x¹)
y-(-4) = ½(x-3)

2) This becomes our Point-Slope Form:

y+4 = ½(x-3)

2) Distribute and Isolate y:

y+4 = ½x – 3/2

3) This now becomes our Slope-Intercept Form:

y = ½x – 11/2

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