Acclimatizing to Civilian Life

I do not mean to come off as elitist here, however I do feel that not everybody gives their all and make up excuses.

Identify 3 major challenges related to acclimatizing to civilian life; what are some ways you overcome them?

After serving 8 years in the Army, I have been exposed to pretty much every weather type, to every demographic of people, and nearly ever region of the world. I have seen what struggle, suffering, and hopelessness are. When my roommates do not want to do the dishes because their favourite TV show is on – considering there is a fruit fly presence over said dishes – or when it is raining outside so there is “no point to do errands” .. I judge them as lessers, lazy, and pathetic. Is this so wrong? I don’t think so; When the Greeks were in power, there were the warriors who trained and were honourable citizens, and there were the slaves.

In the military, you are expected to do three very simple tasks: Get to work on time, Be in the proper uniform, and Do as you are told. Such things are trivial to me. It took my roommates (excuse the constant reference, they are great examples) two weeks to pay for the internet access that I sell them. It took me throwing out their dishes for them to clean them, lest it happen again (the sink has been dish free every morning since).

To succeed, I know that I have to dedicate all of my time to school. There is no more “10 hours of video games and then maybe I’ll do homework”. Excuses are not the currency of life, determination and will power are. I see people walk late into classes I am a part of and then ask the teacher questions on the information covered. I see people sleeping in class and then they are surprised that they don’t get fundamental math concepts.

What has helped me over come all of this? I don’t associate with such people. When I have to associate, I take control of the situation so MY personal goals are met. In my English class, my current group project has me working with 4 recent high school graduates. I had to collect all of their phone numbers, emails, and coordinate everything.

I don’t mind doing this because I have come to realize that my life experiences have given me opportunities to learn and grow that many others didn’t have. It is our job as adults to mentor and guide others. Now my strategy for addressing some of these issues might be questionable, but it has worked thus far. The sink is still without dishes.

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