Accessing MathXL

Hey guys, a lot of you have been emailing me with questions re: MathXL. Im going to post on here how to log in and access your account and use the system.

If the pictures are too big to see on your screen, click on them and you’ll see the entire picture.

1) Go to the homepage and log in.

Log into the website.

2) Click on “Math 31 Spring 2011” on the left side right above ‘course id’.

3) Select what you want to do, mostly you will use the “Study Plan” and “Multimedia Library” buttons. I am going to show you how to access your text book. Click “Multimedia Library”

4) To select your chapter, go to the drop down box labeled “Chapter” and select your chapter. Also select the section from the box labeled “Section”. Click “Multimedia Textbook”.

And thats it man.

If you select “Study Plan” on the left, you will be taken to a screen that lets you select what chapter you want to practice and this will ALSO give you the “lab hours” requirement.

Feel free to comment below for any questions.

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