Promoted to Staff Sergeant (Army)

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I was promoted today from Sergeant (E-5) to Staff Sergeant (E-6). I want to say that I’ve worked really hard to earn this, however the more I thinkĀ about it, the more I realize that I don’t do anything out of the ordinary [for me].

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worse end of the year ever ::redux::

I wrote too soon. I judged myself and my actions far too quickly without looking at the larger picture.

Essentially, my reality was obfuscated by the delusions of another, and I believed so much in their world, that I lost touch with my own world.

After finding out the depths of the lies and deceit, I felt sad only because I fell for the trap. This sadness, luckily, was short lived, and when I was able to process all of the information, I realized that this person was quickly burying themselves in the web of deception.

Feels good, the clarity.